Ideas For Your New Home

Before All Else - Safety First

Household fires are a growing problem in the U.S. According to the Department of Homeland Security, each year thousands of people die in home fires, which cause an estimated $7.3 billion in direct property loss annually. Homeowner safety is paramount to PATCO. Included in every home we build are hardwired smoke/CO2 detectors. Some precautions for preventing home fires are pretty straight forward: don't leave candles burning; don't leave your stovetop on; keep anything that can catch fire...

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Taking the Homeownership Plunge

As a homebuilder, obviously, PATCO would love to build your new home - but, we also want to make sure that bulding a new home is the best move for your family. 

If you've been avoiding the real estate market, you're not alone. Discouraged by the 2006–2012 housing market decline and subsequent tighter lending standards, many people have postponed buying their first home, or have sold their house and are now renting. However, average U.S. home prices have been rising for more than three...

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There's A Nip In The Air - Time To Prepare

The days are getting shorter here in Maine, and there's definitely a nip in the evening air - fall is on its way. Now is the perfect time to get your home in shape before winter rolls in, while the weather is still pleasant enough for spending time outdoors. PATCO would like to share these "must do" tasks to insure that your home is at it's best for many winters to come:

Seal it up: Caulk and seal around exterior door and window frames. Look for gaps where pipes or wiring enter the home...

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Handy Shopping List For Basic Home Maintenance

Many new homeowners previously lived in an apartment and may have acquired just a few basic tools. But owning a home brings with it numerous maintenance and quick repair situations that previously were done by the apartment maintenance guy. Your brand new home, which PATCO has built with great care and quality materials, will eventually need some tweaking over the years. Nothing major, just the results of day to day wear and tear.

Below is a checklist of things to pick up at Home Depot,...

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BOOM! A Homebuying List For Boomers Over 55

Much like anyone going through the homebuying process, the wish lists of buyers 55 and up seem to largely reflect the lifestyle they desire.

In a report compiled by Grey Matter Research and Consulting, which combined the results of several research efforts, Boomer buyers placed a high value on the first impression of a community and feeling welcome.

Amenities are also a huge draw. Some favorites include clubhouses, pools and walking trails. But above all else, location reigns supreme as a...

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