Ideas For Your New Home

Taking Your Living Space To The Next Level

When picking out your PATCO floor plan - the one that's perfect for today -  keep in mind that you may want to expand your living space in the future. Whether bedrooms, flex space, or an upstairs play room, finishing off living space over your garage is inexpensive square footage that makes your home "live" larger. But it takes careful attention to make sure this space is comfortable year-round. Some things to consider:
Properly insulating this space requires extra air-sealing...

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Way's To Avoid Common Mortgage Pitfalls

PATCO understands that sometimes getting your financial ducks in a row in order to purchase a new home can present challenges. The mortgage process can be frustrating, and disheartening. No one likes to be told “no.” And having your application for a mortgage declined is particularly devastating, because it throws your entire dream of homeownership into doubt. Still, just because one lender rejects your mortgage application doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to buy a home. If you...

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It's Not Just House, It's Part Of Your Family's Story

Customer service is important in any business, but perhaps more so when that business is building a family home.

For PATCO, it's not just about plans, lumber, hardware and plumbing - it's about creating a space where a family can grow, create memories, and find a bit of calm in this busy world. Accomplishing this means listening to our homebuyers. Not just about the color of the siding or roof shingles, but about what their needs and expectations are. Every family is different, their taste,...

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Home, Home On The Ranch

More and more, people are starting to seek out the practicality of one-story living. Nationwide,  more one-story homes are being built and even older ranch homes are getting a second look. “People who want to have a one-story house are looking for [ranches] and buying, including boomers but also young families who don’t want to be running up and down the stairs,” said Alan Hess, author of the book “The Ranch House,” who said there is a growing market for the homes in the resale...

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