Ideas For Your New Home

Life Brings Changes - Build A Flexible Home!

The first thing that parents-to-be need to address is where to put the new arrival! In an older, smaller home, this might mean building an addition or carving out space in an existing room. 

One of the ways that PATCO has grown as a company, is by listening to features that customers wish they had in their new home. Extra space was a biggie. Several years ago, we introduced something we call "flex space" to many of our home models. Because life changes, your home will need to adapt to...

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Optimizing Traffic Flow

Now that summer in Maine is well underway we're spending more and more time outside "at home time". Whether grilling out or having friends over for a beer, the connection point, such as a door onto your deck or patio, can become a traffic jam.
Many floor plan layouts accommodate a circular traffic flow between indoors and outdoors by having more than one door from other areas of the home that offer quick access to the patio or deck. One example is PATCO's popular Hawthorne ranch, which...

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Put A Little Extra Thought Into Those Garage Doors

Your PATCO design / build team is experienced in guiding you towards making the right product and style choices to enhance your dream home - inside and out! Here are some tips on planning for an often overlooked, yet fairly prominent home feature - garage doors.

There are many elements to consider when designing your home's exterior, but oftentimes we overlook the garage doors - whether that be aesthetics or functionality. We take great care in choosing just the right color for shingles,...

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