Ideas For Your New Home

Yes, It's A Really BIG Deal!

Part One of Two:

Like picking a university or falling in love and deciding to marry, choosing to build a new home can be one of life's most rewarding and stressful experiences. The house plan - your dream on paper - becomes the manuscript which weaves together the various people (developer, builder, sub-contractors, lender, etc.) and products that will bring your vision to reality.
One of the joys of the home design phase is discovering new amenities that will make the home "just...

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All Decked Out And Ready To Relax

One of the biggest regrets folks have after their home is all built is that they didn't include a deck. 

As summer - and BBQ season - comes and goes, the pain is real! We can't tell you how many times our new homeowners have passed on including a deck. The biggest reason? "We'll save a little now, besides, my brother, Mike, can always build us one later". Of course, as with so many other things, "later" never seems to come. Despite brother Mike's good intentions, there's always something...

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Your Home Space, Your Way!

On PATCO's easy to read "Livabilty At A Glance" floorplans, you'll see an area shaded in green labeled FLEX. So, what is "flex" space? Perhaps there's an area just off the kitchen. Parents may see this as a play area for young children, while others envision a hobby or craft room. Other ideas include a planning center, pocket office, pet center, or home gym. In short, FLEX space is anything you want it to be!

Tip: Opting for a third stall in your garage is great flex space!

Whether you...

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For Newlyweds It's The Icing On The Cake!

Good Advice For Newlyweds From Forbes Magazine:

Today many newlyweds look forward to settling into their own home and enjoying the personal and financial benefits that come with it.  Consequently, it is not unusual for couples to purchase a home prior to or just after walking down the aisle.  Fortunately, while home ownership is recognized by most experts as a good long term investment, today's market with its favorable prices and historically low interest rates makes it an even better...

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