Ideas For Your New Home

Let There Be Light!

Most kitchens seem to be rather low on natural light. Ever try reading the directions on the box or can when there’s just not enough light? In some kitchen layouts, a solution can be setting fixed or crank-out windows above the backsplash and below the upper cabinets. Not only does this raise light levels in the kitchen making it more inviting, it will make food preparation easier as well. PATCO’s New Home Personalization Studio provides many innovative custom lighting solutions. Come...

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Little Kitchen Touches That Make A Big Difference

Is your formerly fabulous kitchen starting to look ...tired? The easiest, and most economical way to wake it up is with stylish furniture hardware and cabinet hardware. With the huge variety of styles available from wild and wacky to classic chic, it's a great way to make an impression - without breaking your budget.

If you're getting ready to build, whatever your style, simple or bold, you'll be amazed at the huge selection of door knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, top knobs, cabinet knobs or...

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Being Green and Squeaky Clean

Finally! Spring is right at our doorstep. For most homeowners this is the time of year to organize and spruce things up, both inside and out. Show your home a little tenderness and check out some of these environmentally friendly cleaning tips from

Concern about the ingredients in commercial cleaning products is especially important to those with family members that are sensitive to some commonly used chemicals. Nothing makes life more miserable than allergies to things in...

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Let's Just Drop It! (Getting In The Zone)

Does your family just drop everything on your kitchen counter, table, or floor when they get home? If you're tired of stumbling over backpacks, kicking sneakers out of the way and moving mountains of junk mail before you can even think about making dinner - then our Drop Zone is for you!

Introduced as standard in all PATCO homes beginning in 2008, over the years this rear foyer organizational space has proven to be one of our most popular features. Designed specifically to replace the ever...

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Let's Talk About Your Dirty Laundry

In our experience, convenience is a huge factor in choosing the layout of your new home. Busy, busy, busy is the mantra for today's homeowner.  Any feature that saves you time and money - and reduces stress - is worth serious consideration. 

PATCO includes several Woman-centric design elements in it's new home plans, the rear foyer drop zone and reach-in pantry for example. But, what about a solution to one of life's biggest (and least enjoyable) chores - laundry?

Consider this: in two...

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