Ideas For Your New Home

The Pantry - A Must Have For Today's Organized Kitchen!

Every kitchen needs a pan­try, a notion that has not always been thought to be true. During the post-war building boom, pantries fell out of favor. It was thought that the new built-in cabinetry would substitute, eliminating the need for a pantry.

Thinking has now changed. According to a recent National Association of Home Builders survey, a kitchen pantry was the kitchen feature most wanted by buyers in the market for a new home. What­ever the size of your kitchen, it should include a...

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A Strong Community Benefits All Of Us

As a family owned business and long standing member of the Sanford, Maine community, PATCO believes strongly in giving back. PATCO is proud to help support the Fraser-Ford Child Development Center in its goal to improve the quality of life for Maine children through a $10,000 donation to Waban.

The Fraser-Ford Child Development Center, which serves more than 150 children ages birth to five annually, provides therapeutic preschool programs for children with Autism, Pervasive Developmental...

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