Ideas For Your New Home

The Future Of Home Security Is At PATCO Today!

Your Key. Evolved.

No more fumbling with or looking for your keys. All you need to unlock your Kevo lock is your smartphone. You don’t even need to take your smartphone out of your pocket or purse; it’s as simple as walking up, touching your lock, and walking in. The ultimate level of convenience.

No Smartphone? No Problem.

The Kevo Fob (included with the lock) offers the same touch-to-open technology and convenience. Leave your fob in your pocket or purse and when you touch the...

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No Butts About It - The Cleaner, The Better!

Introducing The Swash ...

Pure water is the most effective and refreshing way to clean every part of your body. Better than a conventional toilet seat or stand alone bidet, the Swash advanced bidet toilet seat provides a cleansing, soothing personal warm water wash at the push of a button - keeping you feeling shower-fresh all day long. The award winning Swash bidet toilet seat is the ultimate in bathroom comfort and hygiene. Inside the sleek design and elegant styling, the Swash is...

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Your Blouses and Sport Coats Need A Home, Too!

You may think you have enough storage space, but is it convenient? Bedroom closets - check; linen closet - check; kitchen pantry, coat closet, garage - check, check, check. Now think about the areas you use most. Would you like to have more storage there versus running to the garage or downstairs when you need something you 'think' you don't use very often or just because space is an issue?

Perhaps a his-and-hers set of walk-in closets so that you each have ample space for your clo...

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Get Ready, Get Set ... Go!

Always on the go? Then you're sure to appreciate our Travel Center option, designed to keep everything handy and make packing a snap!

You know where your suitcase has you're probably not going to want to pack it on the clean bedspread!  Our travel center was inspired by customers who wanted storage plus convenience when it came to preparing to leave town.
"I know where that suitcase has been, and it's not getting packed on my clean bedspread!" "I live for sp...

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Define Your Open Concept Spaces In Style!

Open concept homes: They’re bright, inviting, and offer tons of space. But they can come with one drawback, and that’s when it comes to defining spaces. After all, if your dining room, great room, and kitchen are all technically one big room, you might struggle with defining each. Luckily, we have some design hacks that make it super easy to easily create defined, yet open, spaces in your home.

Use Your Furniture - If you’re worried about creating flow from your gr...

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Innovation That Can Save Lives and Property

You're probably aware of numerous smart steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of fire and resulting fire damage. One you might not have heard of is intumescent paint.
Intumescent paint has been proven in the marketplace for more than 50 years. It applies and functions like regular paint, with one huge exception-when temperatures are hot enough, intumescent paint chars-creating a flame-resistant barrier that protects the underlying material.
Intumescent pa...

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Smooth Moves With Your Dog

Whether your move is long-distance or just down the block, there’s a lot to accomplish, especially if one of your family members is a dog! Here are a few things that will help you and your pups with the transition (thank you to Cesar Millan).

House Shopping

Shopping for your new home is one of the most enjoyable parts of the moving process. It’s important to take your dog into consideration while going through it.

Find nearby dog-friendly ...

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