Ideas For Your New Home

Let The Light Shine In

Finally! It's time to throw open the windows and let in that fresh spring breeze!

Breeze, yes. Bugs, no. Let that fresh air in and keep bugs and debris out by replacing window and door screens that have seen better days. If your screens are generally in good condition, but you notice a small tear or two, take them to your local hardware store for simple, low-cost repairs. Or, if the screen fabric needs to be replaced, they can install new screen cloth into the original frame. When ...

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"Wouldn't it be nice ..."

"... if we had a porch on a beautiful day like today?" How many times have you said that same thing during the warm summer days and sunset splashed evenings? 

The child of today, having grown up with his gadgets and video games would probably think it very boring. But to the family of the mid-1800's, sitting on a front porch, taking in the surroundings, cooled by a gentle breeze and conversing with the neighbors, was a welcome daily activity.
"Porch-sitting" or to som...

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Did I Lock The Front Door?

How many times have you headed out of the driveway, or worse, yet, gotten halfway to work, when you suddenly couldn't remember if you secured your home?

Introduced at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, SimpliciKey has added KeyCloud, a fourth way to unlock/lock your...

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