Ideas For Your New Home

Where Should Your Big TV Go?

The Nielsen Company reports that 96.7 percent of U.S. homes have television sets. With ever growing screen sizes, the location of the tv set can present a design challenge. Room orientation is the first consideration, with the competing possible focal points of exterior views, fireplaces and televisions. Let's take a look at one critical factor to consider when locating your television: height. It’s not the only thing you should think about, to be sure, but if you place your television too...

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Exploring (Storage) Space

Families can accumulate a lot over the years, and it’s often difficult to decide what to keep and what to part with. Don’t stress - store it!

Many of PATCO's homes include garages, and, there's always the option to add one. As a rule of thumb, look for a 24'-dimension (width, depth or both) in order to place storage along that wall. Think about organizing your storage needs into "zones" for lawn/garden, sporting goods + toys, etc.  Mobile (wheeled) storage is great for cleaning und...

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Carpeting Can Help Make The Room!

Picking out new carpeting is fun, even if a bit overwhelming. But then after deciding on the right look and feel and price point, you'll inevitably be asked, "and what about the carpet pad?"

Padding varies by the material(s) it is made of, the density, the thickness, and of course the price.  You can bet with the "deals" you see advertised where pad is included in the price, the store is including a cheap (thin) pad. Or, you may have a commission-based salesperson whose goal is to ...

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