Ideas For Your New Home

Flexible Space Just For You!

If you've taken some time to look at PATCO's "Livability At A Glance" floor plans, you'll see that we've color coded one room as "Flex" (pastel green). What exactly is a "flex" room?

For larger families, this may simply be a third bedroom. For families that have a lot of visitors - think Maine summers - it makes a great guest room. The beauty of having a Flex room in your home is that it can be turned into just about anything with a little imagination! Our homeowners have utilized...

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Organizing The Heart Of Your Home

The kitchen is often thought of as the "heart" of the home. We spend a lot of quality time in there, and not just enjoying a meal! We chat with friends over coffee, listen to our kids tell us about their day at school, plan family activities and enjoy quiet time with our spouse over wine. One of the challenges of designing the perfect kitchen is finding places to store gadgets, ingredients, cooking and serving pieces, places that are not just convenient but look good too. Looking good, when...

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Tips To Designing A Timeless Kitchen

Serious home chefs, or just house-proud owners, might consider the kitchen their showstopper room—the one that will stop potential buyers dead in their tracks. And that’s why they add all the upgrades, accoutrements, and trendy new finishes they can possibly find. To some extent, they’re absolutely right—a great kitchen can make a buyer fall deeply in love. But it doesn’t always work that way.

An inherent danger of taking a deep dive into modern design is accepting the harsh fact...

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