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Ambiance or Purely Functional - These Lights Are Genius!

Ambiance or Purely Functional - These Lights Are Genius!

LiteShelf is a company full of bright ideas, and their products carry the same name.  Built around the fascinating concept of integrating modern LED lighting directly into shelving boards, the LiteShelf products are a reflection of the company's innovative spirit and affinity for beautiful lighting solutions. You could call their team lightheaded!
After hearing from builders and retailers how traditional lighting left too much in the dark or created too much glare, their team set out to reimagine indoor lighting for both residential and commercial applications. 4 patents and 11 iterations later, their flagship trio of stunning LiteShelf products sets the standard for how lighting can illuminate your life.

Sleek and sturdy, LiteShelf is crafted of durable, scratch-resistant materials and designed for simple installation and removal. It is compatible with almost all shelving styles, perfect for hard-to-light areas from retail spaces to bedroom closets and beyond. 

As a custom home builder, the PATCO design / build team is is always listening to customers and on the hunt for products that will match their needs and wants. Lighting - whether it be fuctional or simply to add ambiance to a room, is high on the list of new home priorities. Many PATCO homes include Master Bedrooms with large walk-in closets, this innovative lighting would be a perfect product to iinclude. Other areas where supplemental lighting would be a big plus include baths, hobby rooms and garages.

to learn more about LiteShelf, pay a visit to their online GALLERY.