Ideas For Your New Home

Take It Outside

It might seem hard to believe, but summer really is right around the corner! Good weather should be enjoyed to its fullest extent, which is why your new home planning should include an enticing outdoor living space. One of the biggest regrets PATCO hears from homeowners is that they didn't budget for a deck or patio. Many people think that they'll just tackle it as a DYI project "someday", calling on friends and relatives to lend a hand. The problem is - that day may never come!

Adding a deck…

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A Look Inside - Design Trends 2017

It would be awesome if new home builders - like PATCO - had a crystal ball  to look ahead at future trends in design. But alas, we don't, so, the next best thing is to ask our customers, both past and present, about what they'd like to see included in their new home, or, if they've recently built a new home, what features they wish that they'd included.

The editors or Forbes Magazine recently put their heads together with the design editors at Houzz to identify the top 10 home design trends to…

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Home Upgrades That Are Totally Worth It

There are upgrades you can easily forego, and there are those you should hold on to for dear life.

For example, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, both considered pricey upgrades for years, are now standard in most new homes. However, going with the most common (or lowest) denominator is not always the best way to save — or spend — your dollars. For maximum functionality and a healthy return on investment, consider the following upgrades for your new home:

Start in the...

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Before All Else - Safety First

Household fires are a growing problem in the U.S. According to the Department of Homeland Security, each year thousands of people die in home fires, which cause an estimated $7.3 billion in direct property loss annually. Homeowner safety is paramount to PATCO. Included in every home we build are hardwired smoke/CO2 detectors. Some precautions for preventing home fires are pretty straight forward: don't leave candles burning; don't leave your stovetop on; keep anything that can catch fire...

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Ideas To Dress Up The Smallest Room In Your Home

Your PATCO Design / Build team can introduce you to hundreds of products, features, and materials to make your private space truly special!  Modern bathroom design is often all about going minimalist with clean finishes for a spa-like feel. But sometimes the look ends up feeling clinical. To make sure your space feels just as inviting as the rest of your home, try some of these bathroom design tips to create a sense of warmth and personality while achieving spot-on style. 


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Your Home Space, Your Way!

On PATCO's easy to read "Livabilty At A Glance" floorplans, you'll see an area shaded in green labeled FLEX. So, what is "flex" space? Perhaps there's an area just off the kitchen. Parents may see this as a play area for young children, while others envision a hobby or craft room. Other ideas include a planning center, pocket office, pet center, or home gym. In short, FLEX space is anything you want it to be!

Tip: Opting for a third stall in your garage is great flex space!

Whether you...

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Little Kitchen Touches That Make A Big Difference

Is your formerly fabulous kitchen starting to look ...tired? The easiest, and most economical way to wake it up is with stylish furniture hardware and cabinet hardware. With the huge variety of styles available from wild and wacky to classic chic, it's a great way to make an impression - without breaking your budget.

If you're getting ready to build, whatever your style, simple or bold, you'll be amazed at the huge selection of door knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, top knobs, cabinet knobs or...

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Let's Talk About Your Dirty Laundry

In our experience, convenience is a huge factor in choosing the layout of your new home. Busy, busy, busy is the mantra for today's homeowner.  Any feature that saves you time and money - and reduces stress - is worth serious consideration. 

PATCO includes several Woman-centric design elements in it's new home plans, the rear foyer drop zone and reach-in pantry for example. But, what about a solution to one of life's biggest (and least enjoyable) chores - laundry?

Consider this: in two...

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The Pantry - A Must Have For Today's Organized Kitchen!

Every kitchen needs a pan­try, a notion that has not always been thought to be true. During the post-war building boom, pantries fell out of favor. It was thought that the new built-in cabinetry would substitute, eliminating the need for a pantry.

Thinking has now changed. According to a recent National Association of Home Builders survey, a kitchen pantry was the kitchen feature most wanted by buyers in the market for a new home. What­ever the size of your kitchen, it should include a...

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Flexible Space Just For You!

If you've taken some time to look at PATCO's "Livability At A Glance" floor plans, you'll see that we've color coded one room as "Flex" (pastel green). What exactly is a "flex" room?

For larger families, this may simply be a third bedroom. For families that have a lot of visitors - think Maine summers - it makes a great guest room. The beauty of having a Flex room in your home is that it can be turned into just about anything with a little imagination! Our homeowners have utilized...

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